New DIY project

June 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Don’t know if the work constitutes as a DIY because of the minimality of it’s labour and creativity. It’s a vintage Johnny Walker wooden box that I got at the flea market (theres only one in Reykjavík). I’m going over it with sandpaper to get rid of the letters and the figure with the top hat and cane. Then I’m gonna paint it with white stain varnish to give it a more romantic and vintage-y sort of look. It’s new role will be to keep herbs, to give a notion of a garden feel for my balcony.

My beautiful box is gonna get a makeover. Yes it is, ohhh yes it is, coochichoochicooo...

Here are some photos for my inspiration.

What is it about wooden boxes that appeals to me? They are just… so… I don’t know, not plastic?

They certainly do not give that feel of mass production that polyester and cardboard boxes do.

They just make the pretty all the more pretty 🙂 Pictures via Heart of light.

Wood and greenery. The sight just makes me feel like taking a deep breath and sigh 🙂 Tutorial to follow.


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